How do I connect my Facebook business page to Shuut?

When you install Shuut, you sign in with your Facebook profile and then choose which Facebook page you want to link to the app. Shuut will then promote all your videos from that page. In order to link your page and manage your video marketing campaigns, you need to give Shuut access to your page.

The following guidelines will take you through this process step-by-step:


Open Shuut and sign in with your personal Facebook profile

Once you've completed the onboarding, tap Account and select Connected Page. You'll then be presented with pages that you are assigned.

Hit the page you want to use with Shuut.

The next screen shows that Shuut has sent an access request to your Facebook page.

Hit the blue button to be directed to Facebook.

Go to your Facebook Page --> Settings --> Page roles and hit respond to Shuut’s pending partner request.

Confirm access by clicking on the tick mark.
Now you are ready to start Shuuting! For any other questions or comments, send us a hello at