Shuut - Frequently Asked Questions

What is Shuut?

Shuut helps you build, launch and analyze your business’s video ad campaigns. Build video ads by using your existing images and video or shoot them straight in the app. Launch them as social media ad campaigns by selecting your ad text and targeting. Analyze the results after your campaign has ended. Shuut will send you the detailed metrics and performance statistics of your video. Learn what audience worked best for you so that you can optimize your next video ad.

Why video?

Video is the fastest growing onlineadvertising medium, delivers the highest engagement, and provides the best exposure to reach a large amount of people on social media.

How do I create a video ad?

Start by uploading an existing video or make one with the app by first choosing a marketing objective. Follow Shuut’s simple guidelines for your ad’s text and targeting. Your video is now ready to be boosted as an ad campaign.

What is a boost?

A boost is the publication of your video as a paid video ad on Facebook and Instagram. We optimise the video ad’s targeting so that you reach the right people online.

On which platforms will you publish my ad?

Currently we publish on Facebook and Instagram, two of the largest online video advertising platforms. 

Why do you need access to my Facebook page?

If you would like to advertise on your own business Facebook page using Shuut, you will need to provide us with administration access. We use Shuut's profile as a default for advertisers who don't want to use their own page. To maximise your brand exposure and the success of your campaigns, we recommend that you connect your Shuut profile to your Facebook Business page. This will also increase user engagement (likes, comments, shares).

If you don't connect, users will see your ad under the Shuut profile.

How do i connect my Facebook page with Shuut? 

Please see our step-by-step guide how to connect your Facebook page with Shuut here

What are the different Page roles and what can they do?

To be fully able to launch and target your video ads, we need to have a few permissions to your page and Facebook Ad manager. With your permission we will post, target and analyze your Shuut video ad campaigns. Nothing else.

To find out more about Facebook page roles, click here: Facebook Page roles

How long will my video be advertised?

When setting up your video ad campaign in the app, you can choose for how long you wish to advertise for.

How much does it cost?

The cost per ad campaign is up to you. There are many factors that change the price of a boost i.e. how long you wish to advertise for, what platforms you want your ad to be seen on, and where you are located. We've set a minimum campaign price, just so your ads get served.