How Shuut works? 

At Shuut we truly believe that every business in 2017 should be launching video advertising on Facebook & Instagram. Our app helps to break down any barriers you may have to launching your first campaign. Here's how it works:

1) Download Shuut from the AppStore.

2) When you launch the app for the first time, you'll be asked to create an account using your Facebook profile.

Don't worry, we wont post anything without your consent.
3) Now that you've created a Shuut account you'll be presented with two options, upload your content from the gallery and via cloud storage, or create the content using our video ad builder.
4) Uploading your content is easy, following in-app prompts to select the video you want to use.

Make sure to add the URL link if you're pointing your ad to a website or online store. You'll also have the ability to trim your videos if length is too long.

See our post on why video length matters.
5) Build your campaign. Each Facebook and Instagram video ad requires a short description about what you're selling or promoting. This can be just one or two sentences.

Make sure you connect the right Facebook/Instagram business page. More on that here.
6) Choose your budget.

With Shuut you can launch video ad campaigns from as little as 10€ a day and right up to 10,000€.

Your campaign budget is going straight to Facebook and we will only take 10% as an admin cost.  

Shuut is integrated directly into the Facebook marketing API so we know exactly who to target.
7) As soon as the campaign is created, the ad will be reviewed and launched within just a few minutes.

Our backend technology optimizes your ad and targeting to your potential client.
8) After the campaign has finished we will provide you with ad statistics and results (this consists of a range of different metrics such as how many people did your ad reach, what was the demographic breakdown, who engaged with your video, page or website. You'll receive this via your email.

If the campaign was a success we can help relaunch the campaign or try different targeting or video content to maximise the performance. You decide!