How to Make Your Video Ads 10x More Effective

As Facebook & Instagram advertising becomes more and more popular with advertisers, you really need to push for creativity and a clear way to stand out amongst the noise. Here are a few tips to win at video advertising. 


Know your business goal from the start

Start by deciding your business goal and how your ad will achieve that. Are you pushing a specific product or service? Drive foot traffic to your store? Encourage website views? Improve trust? Identifying the purpose of your advertising will help you to build posts that deliver the desired results.

Different goals drive different creative

Pick your desired audience

 Design your ads with a specific target audience in mind. Your video should reflect the language of the ad copy and you can only do this knowing who the ad is intended for. How old is your audience? 18-25? 25-54? Where do they live? Anywhere? In Paris, France? What kinds of things are they interested in? Family activities? Sport?

Choose a topic

Your ad should have a specific topic, think about your audience and what would get them interested and for them to execute the action you want. Do you feature employees to build a story and trust? A newly released product to bring back old customers? Knowing what the topic or theme of your ad is will help manage everything else.

Your video should have a focus

Shuut can help with all of the above. Are you ready to do your next campaign? Download the latest version of our app now!

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