How to reach over 3,6k on social media in a matter of minutes?

If you’re not mastering the power of video for your business yet, why not? Is it because you think you don’t have the resources or the know-how to create videos that won’t make you look like an amateur fool? Is execution of video marketing campaigns just as far from your mind as the white snows of Antarctica? Guess what: time has come for you to change. Seriously, the worst thing you could do now is to sit back and do nothing. So read first.

Today there are plenty technologies that allow to surf the digital wave with ease. Smartphones have access to an overwhelming amount of various tools, which one cannot manage to try out in a lifetime. Nevertheless, the names of a few success stories have been cemented in our mind forever - take Instagram or Facebook Ad Manager for example. But why each of them have either a perfect way of creating videos or the perfect software for building marketing campaigns and none have the magic to merge the two things and make the advertising dreams of today’s business owners come true?

Because Shuut does it. Shuut already helped many small businesses sail the waves of latest technologies and improve their social media presents with video. But don’t take our word for it and see what our clients have said about their experiences with Shuut.

Kati, TWISTBE organics products store co-founder, have tried Shuut for marketing her favourite products and has managed to reach to over 3,6 k people on Facebook and get 1000+ views.  

See what she has to say about Shuut:

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